Tips on leaving your employment

Tips on leaving your employment – If the time has come for you leave your employment, try and follow these steps to make sure you leave your job on good terms.

Tips on leaving your employment

Regardless of your reasons for leaving your employer, the way in which you exit your job is what can make or break your reputation and your future career prospects. For example, your line Manager may not provide you with a reference which details you in the best light. We hope that these tips will help you to leave employment the right way.

Laventille Keep your decision under the radar 

It might be tempting to tell your work colleagues about your forthcoming job move, but refrain from doing this, an old saying loose lips, sink ships comes to mind.

Your Manager is the first person whom you should inform that you are resigning, they may wish to break the news to your colleagues themselves or may wish to keep it quiet to ensure that moral doesn’t fall. - Catchments Have the conversation in person 

Though it’s a hard conversation to have, it’s better to do it face-to-face, rather than over email. It creates more trust, shows sincerity and once you have had the conversation, give your Manager your official resignation letter.  

It’s likely your Manager will want to know your reasons for resigning so adding the reason in your resignation letter is advisable.   

Barabinsk Be prepared for a counteroffer

If you’re a favoured member of the team your Manager may wish for you not to leave your employment. Unless you are adamant about leaving, think about what it would take for you to remain at the company. Know your reasons for leaving as your Managers may be able to implement the change which you are looking for. 

Ask for a reference

If your resignation goes well, ask your Manager if he would be happy to act a referee for you, however in most cases nowadays, it is company policy that only Human Resources can give references.  

Close the door in a positive manner. 

On your final day of employment, it’s always good practice to thank your colleagues and the management , this will leave people with a good memory of you.