Resignation Letter Example

If you have made the decision to leave your job, you are required to give notice and a resignation letter to your employer, even if you’ve have had a verbal conversation. A Standard resignation letter is just to confirm to your employer that you will be leaving employment. A short, detailed and to the point letter or email is the best way to express this. Standard resignation letter format

Resignation Letter template.
Resignation Letter template. Recruitment Agencies in London

The easiest way to do this is to state that you’re leaving, specify the date, explain the reason of leaving and to say thanks for the opportunity.

  • Date
  • Your Address
  • Addressee details
  • Reason for leaving
  • Resignation date
  • Closing & signature

Create a resignation letter that is detailed enough to identify the reason as to why you will be leaving the company and that you will be serving your notice period. You want them to understand quick and easy that you will be leaving and proceed to carry on with the professionalism for the duration of the notice period.

  • e.g: “If there are any areas in particular you would like me to focus on during my notice period, please let me know”.

This would be a good opportunity to recognise and thank certain members from this employment who have helped you through your journey at the company.

  • e.g: “I would like to thank [Member/’s from company] for their encouragement and help throughout my employment at [Company] that has really helped shape my career thus far.”
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