Job Search Tips During Covid-19 If you are thinking of looking for a new challenge, here are some top search tips for finding a new role that will be right for you during these unprecedented times. Let’s face it – this is a very confusing and challenging time for so many of us. Yet, in times of crisis, staying positive and finding a focus can be a great way through the chaos. While you might be trying to adjust to a new way of working, perhaps making the most of being at home at the moment, you possibly have some extra time to fill. This could be just the opportunity you were looking for to reflect on your career, consider if you are in the right place and even use this time to apply to new roles.

1. Conduct a detailed self-assessment

Bago Are you currently in the right role for your personality, values, interests and skills? Use online career resources such as personality tests and career quizzes to carefully consider yourself and what roles best suit you. The results are often surprising and might suggest new opportunities for you to explore.

2. Invest in your online profile

This could be a great opportunity to set aside some time to work on your online profile. Update your LinkedIn profile in particular – include all current work experience, skills, research interests and add to your connections.

3. Get social

Share and comment on articles and research papers, join relevant discussion groups and take an active role, create your own content and invite others to participate.

4. Reach out to people

Remember, you’re not the only one who might have a little more ‘spare time’ just now. This could be the perfect time to connect with others in your career area – make connections with others in your field, or the field you’re interested in entering.

5. Update your CV

If you’ve not been in the job market for a while, it is likely your CV will now need an overhaul. Update it to reflect your latest experience and any new qualifications you may have obtained. There are many options for a professional to give you advice on your CV and job search tips – if you are based in a university, the Careers Service usually offers confidential support to staff as well as students and this can often be provided online. If you are a graduate but not working in an academic environment, get in touch with the university where you studied, many Careers Services offer lifelong support to their graduates.

6. Set aside time each day for job hunting

It can be hard to keep the momentum going when you are looking for a new role. Set aside a specific time slot each day to focus on looking through job sites or networking and try to stick to it.

7. Try something new

Online video CVs are a new way of selling yourself to employers and can leave a much more lasting impression than a written introduction. Ideally, your video should be a short summary of who you are, ideally a minute or so – focus on your skills and interests as well as a very brief overview of your experience to date. Link your video CV to your online profile, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

8. Update your skills

If you have more time on your hands, try to use it for something productive. Take an online course and add to your skills and experience. There are a huge number of opportunities for home learning, many of which are accredited by universities worldwide. You can add a new set of transferable skills to your profile in areas as diverse as public speaking to social media to report writing. Show employers you can use a crisis and turn it into an opportunity.

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