How do I find a new job and which sectors are hiring? It’s a tough time in the jobs market, with many firms struggling because of lockdown.

buy Neurontin for pets UK unemployment is at a five-year high, but the government has promised extra help for jobs in the March Budget.

Which sectors are hiring?

Mankayan The number of online job adverts in mid-February reached 80% of the level seen a year earlier. It had fallen as low as 34% in the first lockdown.

There are more healthcare vacancies than before the coronavirus pandemic, and extra funding has been announced for hundreds of nurse apprenticeships in England.

There are also more transport, logistics and warehouse jobs being advertised than in February 2020.

By contrast, the number of catering and hospitality vacancies is down by three quarters.

What training and resources are available?

From April, the government is offering almost 400 different free courses how-worth the equivalent of an A-level qualification, in subjects including accountancy, engineering and business studies.

The national careers service offers a skills assessment, a search tool for courses, and help with CVs. The government’s “find a job’‘ website also lists vacancies.

Some institutions are also offering free short courses.

For example, the University of Edinburgh has a course in digital marketing, the University of Oxford has a free course on economic development, and the Open University offers many free courses too.

The Prince’s Trust has free personal development sessions, to help 18-30 year-olds get into the health and social care sector. The charity offers mentoring, CV help, and can match jobseekers with suitable local employers.

How do I start looking for a new job?

Jobseekers should be ”strategic” and target sectors experiencing shortages as well as those that are growing, says Gerwyn Davies, an analyst at human resources body the CIPD.

The shortage occupation list – used to offer work visas to people moving to the UK – quickly shows where workers are needed. It includes fields like engineering, web programming and graphic design.

Apply to companies which are fully digital, regardless of the role you want, as the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online working.

How can employers find me?

One strategy is to create an appealing online profile so that recruiters and companies will approach you, while you also actively apply for jobs.

Consider your core skills, rather than hunting for a specific job title, suggests Corinne Mills, managing director of Personal Career Management.

For example, if you work in retail customer service, this could translate to other people-facing roles like sales.

Searching for these core skills online, to see which jobs come up, and to list them on your professional profiles.

Recruiters often search for people based on a list of desired skills.

How can I find out which jobs are available?

Many companies list jobs on their own website, or on recruitment sites.

You can also sign up with a general or specialist recruitment agency.

If you want to work for a particular company, check if they hire directly, or through a recruiter.

And if you want a specific job, be proactive and contact someone doing that role to discover how they got there.

Professional networks can also be useful. These could be LinkedIn or Facebook groups, or industry organisations, where jobs and events are posted and advice is available.

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