How to write a good CV

What to do when starting a new job

1. Don’t let the position go to your head. You have not just become Grand Dictator of the Universe, so don’t begin ordering people around and watching their every move. Did you find that helpful when you were “just an employee”? 2. But don’t be afraid to act like a manager. While you don’t want […]

How to write the perfect Resume

So, before you start drafting your CV, ask yourself ” if I was filtering through applications for these roles what would my screening criteria be? ” Highlight the key words and phrases that the recruiter is asking for. Now draft your CV as described below, incorporating the same or very similar key words and phrases. […]

Sales Resume Skills: 3 Ways You’re Selling Yourself Short

“Good communicator,” “skilled negotiator,” “great at building rapport.” These are line items I’ve seen a hundred times on sales applications sliding across my desk — and they don’t mean much. They’re soundbites, buzzwords, and part of playing the game. But for a sales resume that’s competitive, demonstrate these three unique qualities.

How to write a good CV

Employers receive an average of 60 applicants for every advertisement for a low-skilled job, and 20 for every skilled job. Significantly, almost half of these candidates are perfectly suitable for the role, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) So that makes their CV – or curriculum vitae – all […]