About Us

Peopable is an employment and recruitment firm that is different from our competitors in that we aren't driven by cost but by helping people. We understand that job-seekers come to us not only for a job, but for an opportunity to reach their professional aspirations and move their careers forward.
We offer clients a bespoke service based on their requirements, however our processes are firmly set in place and include face to face interviews, where possible, 360 referencing, eligibility, certificate checking and recording and technical testing on our online software, which we ask clients to take the tests before engaging in our services so they understand exactly what detail we go into, so please take the test www.peopable.co.uk/technical

The above process is done before any submission of CVS to clients and is proven to save clients time and improve the recruiting process. We also work across both the private and public sectors and we provide temporary and permanent personnel, our team of Consultants are specialists in the above markets and collectively we boast over 150 years of experience so rest assured you aren’t going to be bombarded with CVS of candidates that don’t fit your specification.

We believe in our processes and the candidate’s that we source so we offer our clients exceptional recruitment rates.

Founded by a bunch of people that care about people who know businesses are about people and companies that care about their people become greater as the people look after it.



At Peopable, we call our employees “Dream Makers” because everyone here works for the ultimate purpose and that is helping people. People are the essence of any company and having the right people make the company.

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